10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

Check out these incredible weight loss tips from women who've lost over 70 pounds of fat!

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

Many of us struggle to lose weight – but imagine losing 70 pounds? That’s an incredible feat.

We’ve put together the best weight loss tips from women who’ve lost a lot of weight and kept it off.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a fad that everyone seems to want more of.

Every so often a new super-food is discovered and announced.

That then becomes incorporated into the diet of every health-conscious individual, baked into their cookies or mixed into their favorite dish, to reap all its health benefits.

This goes on until the next super-food comes to play and then the process continues.

It’s the same for wonder diets and new exercise programs.

We try them to reap the possible benefits we envision.

Wonder why this is so? That’s simply because, as individuals, we like to go for what’s best.

Now, what if I told you that to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet does not really require major changes or decisions on our part.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.

There are simple routines you can follow to help you sustain the lifestyle that you want.

Here are some that you can try out.

1. Stick To The Diet You Know

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

Studies have shown that people who regularly ate the same thing had smaller bellies than those who always tried new things.

Sounds boring, yeah? However, it’s because newer flavors excite you and cause you to indulge a bit more.

Eating your regular meal makes you eat the same portion and feel satisfied with it.

If you’re already doing this, switch to a healthier option like a whole wheat sandwich with greens for better results.

2. Read Healthy Articles

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

You want to keep your mind as nourished as your body so read material that will cause you to make better choices on a daily basis.

Research found that people who actually practice this make improvements into their diet and are encouraged to follow exercise plans.

Subscribe to newsletters or magazines that you enjoy and inspire you to try harder.

3. Have A Good Breakfast

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

You probably always hear the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Here’s a reminder – you don’t hear it for nothing.

Many women think skipping the meal helps in keeping a flatter tummy.

That’s wrong! Having no breakfast starves your body of essential nutrients and causes you to gorge over the next meal.

Your metabolism has no way of starting up if you give it no fuel.

Thus, you’re stored up fat stays as it is and there are higher chances of obesity that way.

Feed your body with the right food when you wake up.

Give it lean proteins, good carbs and fiber for a balanced, nutritious meal.

4. Have An Early Dinner

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

People have questioned whether eating an early dinner really does promote weight loss or not? Well, the answer is yes.

Eating an early dinner gives the body enough time to digest the food more efficiently before hitting the sack.

Therefore, it also promotes better sleep while fighting off the possibility of indigestion.

Research has found that eating dinner 3-4 hours before sleeping is best.

Follow that for a healthier you.

5. Plan The Snacks You Take

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

Yeah, we all think snacking is a bad thing but think again.

Having regular snack intervals between your bigger meals actually promotes a faster metabolism.

Giving your body fuel to digest keeps it burning thus aiding in fat breakdown and weight loss.

Also, snacking helps you fight the hunger pangs that come marching in when the body is low on sugar.

Have healthy munchies planned for your day, like fruits, veggie sticks or nuts, that are filling and nutritious.

6. H2gO

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

Drink tons of water daily! Have it first thing in the morning and even before every meal.

Our body is comprised largely of water and thus it is necessary for all of our body processes.

Water is beneficial in promoting digestion and is the best cleansing ingredient available to man.

It also aids in speeding up our metabolism.

Want to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner?

Increase your water intake and try to have it warm.

You will reap the rewards in no time.

7. Weigh Yourself On A Daily Basis

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

What?? Are you serious?!?

Yes, we are and we’ll explain why.

Weighing yourself can be difficult for many, especially after indulging on a meal or having that slice of cake you know you shouldn’t have had.

However, it’s also the best eye-opener.

We know we are at the moment, we know where we want to be, and weighing yourself daily teaches you how to get there.

How? You realize the effects of your different food intake on your body.

You realize what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your workout and your diet resulting in you making better choices in the long run.

8. Give Yourself Rewards

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

When you’ve finally established your routine, and are doing great in following it, incorporate a reward system for yourself.

This is great in so many ways. It can be something to work for and look forward to.

When you have a reward day planned, you work hard right before to compensate for what’s in store.

You get yourself excited, thus, motivating you as well.

It also serves as a great form of relaxation.

Whether it’s a spa day, lunch with friends, some cocktails after work, or a dinner and movie date, it’s a time for you to have a break and unwind.

Dieting and working out can be tiring both on the mind and body.

At times, taking a breather can be just what you need and you’ll be ready to get back to routine in no time.

9. Whole Grain Goodness

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

Whether it’s bread or pasta, brown is so much better for you.

They are rich in fiber which is good for proper digestion and burns much slower keeping you satisfied longer.

Stick to whole wheat or whole grain products to keep you leaner.

10. Go A La Carte

10 Proven Tricks From Women Who Lost 70 Pounds

Research has found that consumers who order a la carte have fewer calories than those who order meals to share.

That’s because, many times, we end up eating more with shared orders than we actually should.

Having your own plate with just enough food for you is a better option to choose.

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