5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

If you are eating a lot of starchy vegetables and ignoring the non-starchy ones, you may be gaining weight.

Starchy veggies which include beets, corn, potatoes, and green peas have higher amounts of calories and carbs.

Non-starchy veggies, on the other hand, have lower carbs which are approximately 5 grams per serving and lower calories less than 25 percent serving.

Coincidently, low-carb veggies are also high in healthful nutrients, and they all tend to have a higher water content which prevents your belly from developing bloat.

If you don’t include these in your meals, it’s time you consider making them part of your diet.

Below are nutritionist-approved low-carb foods that have been proven through research to help you achieve a flat belly.

1. Broccoli

5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

Broccoli has higher water content and fiber, and it fills you up with few calories which are about 30 for every cup chopped.

You don’t have to worry about portions while serving this vegetable since there are higher chances that you will fill your belly before smashing a significant calorie amount.

Broccoli also has low carbs, at 6 grams per cup. So, which is the best way to prepare?

Dieticians recommend the healthiest way of cooking broccoli is steaming it.

Boiling, stir-frying, or microwaving wastes the nutrients in large portions. The nutrients are the reason you should eat broccoli.

2. Asparagus

5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

To get that flat belly faster, you should start eating asparagus.

This vegetable is low in sodium and high in potassium, and this helps your body to have a stable electrolyte balance and reduce bloating.

Furthermore, asparagus has low levels of calories. One medium spear has 3 calories and 62 grams carbs.

The fiber contained in this veggie eliminates fats and shrinks the appearance of your belly while also promoting detoxification.

Consider spearing the fats with asparagus.

3. Celery

5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

This wonderful vegetable is also known as ‘negative food’ which means that it takes more calories which your body digests that the calories it contains.

Celery is perhaps the best example of low-calorie hype.

The negative food has 6 calories for every medium stalk and just 1.19 grams carbohydrates.

Celery contains more water than any other component in it, and it helps your body get rid of any excess water it has.

As a result, your body reduces puffiness.

4. Romaine Lettuce

5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

Romaine lettuce is the perfect veggie for your salad if you want to achieve a flat tummy.

The leaves have low carbs, low calories, low sugar, but are rich in beneficial nutrients.

The lettuce has 1 gram of carbs and 15 calories for every cup serving.

Romaine Lettuce is also a great source of fiber which will help you feel full and keep maintain your BMs to regular.

They are also rich in folate which helps to maintain energy levels and keep them steady, and they regulate your mood.

In fact, this lettuce is one of the best alternatives to kale.

5. Bell Peppers

5 Secret Low-Carb Veggies For A Flat Belly

Do you want to grab a snack? Don’t go further! Grab some bell peppers and slice them.

One medium bell pepper contains 7 grams and 31 calories, and they are preferable over a high-carb cracker.

Bell peppers contain almost three times the daily required amounts of vitamin C which boosts and repairs collagen production.

Collagen is the skin agent that helps it maintain its young look.

The increased collagen production boosted by bell peppers will also help your skin appear more taut and smooth.

When picking some from the grocery store, find the ones which are firm and free of wrinkles or cracks.

Those are the freshest ones.


To wrap it up, we haven’t mentioned all vegetables that can help you lose weight, but the most effective ones and which you can reach out easily.

These veggies are at your nearest grocery store, and you can concentrate on the five of them.

Do you want to have a flat belly? Well, you know what you should put in your mouth from now henceforth.

After all, your weight loss goal is entirely your responsibility!


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