5 Incredible Women’s Workout Tips That Burn 5 Times More Fat

Are you finally serious about losing the excess weight and getting into the shape you’ve been dreaming of? Are you taking time from your busy day to work on getting healthy and strong? Have you enrolled in a gym, started a workout plan and are actually following through on it? If you’ve done all this, then, you’re on the right track. However, to get the most out of your workout you need to have a balanced diet as well.

They say that it takes 90 percent nutrition and 10 percent exercise to get healthy and fit. Let’s take a look at five ways you can improve on your diet to make your workouts more effective.

No Sports Drinks

Do you find yourself wanting a sports drink right after a workout? Has this become a routine for you? Well, according to a specialist, drinking sports drinks after a relatively quick workout routine is unnecessary. Why? The drink is designed to rehydrate the body when working out for long periods of time or after heavy training. The risk of dehydration then is much higher and the drink will serve the body well. Having these drinks after a fast workout which lasts shorter than an hour will probably give you more calories than you actually need or want. It might cause more harm than good.

Instead of having these sugary drinks after a quick workout session, stick to the best hydrant which is water of course. Water will not only rehydrate your body but also serve as a natural cleanser. It’s basically just what you need with no calories added to your diet as well.

Refuel Your Body

The food you eat before and after a workout are crucial in meeting your fitness goals. Right before you train, you eat food that will fuel your body for the work ahead of you. The right carbohydrates and some protein are necessary for you to have enough strength and energy to accomplish your workout plan.

Now, it is also extremely important to eat the right food immediately after your workout as well for you to refuel your body with what has been depleted during your training. Find good sources of protein (around 20 grams) that will increase protein synthesis in your body and good carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen levels. Eating the right food will help you get the results that you want from your training as well. Your body uses up the nutrients and energy from the food you eat to build it up. Don’t just have whatever you want, plan your meals to make the most out of your workout.

Eat Right

Do you often feel your tummy rumbling right after your workout? Have you ever felt like you had the right to just gorge because you worked so hard in the gym? Yes, okay we get it! But don’t!

Right after workout, you want to be feeding your body with calories that matter. Plan your meal and choose the right food with just the right number of calories needed to replenish what you lost. Don’t just over-indulge. Trust me! It will hurt you most! Imagine all the hard work and effort you placed into that single workout – then picture it going down the drain just because you wanted cheesy fries and a juicy burger.

Your body uses the nutrients from the food you eat for all your needs – from your hair growth to your finger nails to your bones. They all feed on what you feed them. Choose the right nutrient-rich food to ensure the proper growth and health of your body.

But First, Cardio!

Notice that when you first wakeup, your tummy feels empty. You’re thirsty and hungry and could just go for that big breakfast you planned to have. Well, let’s try and change your mind.

If you’re wanting to lose body fat and excess weight, the best is to workout straight after waking up in the morning. Throughout the night you have digested the food from the day before and are running on low glycogen levels. What you need to do is fight the hunger pangs and do some cardio workouts on an empty stomach. That way you target the stubborn fat you’ve literally been dying to get rid of and shed the excess weight. A good fifteen to thirty-minute run on the treadmill is good enough. Not only does that start burning fat, but it also gets your body going and the blood pumping through your veins. You’ll notice you feel strong and energized after that quick workout. Follow through with a healthy breakfast and you’ve started your day just right.

Muscle Food

Yes, cardio on an empty stomach is a good idea. You burn fat and shed inches as well; but that is a no-no when strength training. Because the energy required in lifting weights is so much more than that for cardio, carbohydrates are needed by the body to sustain you. Not having enough will exhaust you quickly and the result is an incomplete or ineffective workout session. Consider having at least a banana or an organic peanut butter sandwich on multi-grain bread before the workout. That, along with a good amount of water, should keep you going and give you enough strength to finish the routine set out for you.

Protein a few hours before a workout is also advisable, especially when working on heavier weights. Eggs, high-protein snacks or protein shakes and drinks will definitely serve as good fuel that the body needs for you to get the optimum results from your workout. That is definitely something we all want because, when serious about our routine, we give it a whole lot of effort. Eat the right muscle food for you to enjoy all the benefits of your training.



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