6 Flat Tummy Exercises For Weight Loss Fat Burning Overdrive

Achieve more from your exercise with this low impact and high-intensity routine that is a collection of yoga, Pilates, strength training and cardio.

Looking for the ultimate flat tummy workout? This routine destroys fat with a combination of flat belly exercises!

Looking for the ultimate flat tummy workout? This routine destroys fat with a combination of flat belly exercises!
Looking for the ultimate flat tummy workout? This routine destroys fat with a combination of flat belly exercises!

Looking for the ultimate flat tummy workout? This routine destroys fat with a combination of flat belly exercises!

When you have had a busy schedule and you are overwhelmed, it’s almost impossible to find time for a workout session even though any amount of physical activity can help you face both of those things.

Yoga is widely known for helping squash anxiety or stress, and intense cardio or strength training routines help to torch the fat in your body and rev your metabolism. You might be asking yourself how to fit it all in.

This PiYo routine which was created by trainer Chalene Johnson does combine not only all those elements but also gets the job done fast. The moves are inspired by Pilates and Yoga, and you use your body for resistance so that you build lean and fat-fighting muscle as you get a deep stretch.

Moreover, the quick pace and short rest periods symbolize the presence of cardio component. As you lengthen and tone your whole body and calm your mind down, you will rev your heart rate to burn all that fat and calories in your body.

So, if you are a busy person with little free time that you are willing to maximize to exercise, this is the best workout for you.

How does it work?

Start with the first exercise, complete ten reps and move on to the second move immediately without resting in between.

Continue the pattern until you are done with all six exercises and then rest for a minute. Repeat the entire circuit twice for three rounds.

You will need a mat during the session which will take up to 15 minutes.

1. PiYO Pushup

Move 1: Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart and bend your waist and walk with your hands out to a plank position.

Move 2: While keeping your elbows tight to the torso, do a tricep pushup by bending your elbows and bringing your chest towards the ground.

Move 3: After you have done three pushups, walk your hands back towards the feet, curl your spine all way up until you stand, and with your feet together, perform one squat with your hands clasped ahead of your chest.

Do three sets and ten reps.

2. Lunge Back Tap

Move 1: Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Move your left foot back into a straight leg lunge and bend your right knee 90 degrees.

Move 2: While leaning forward at the waist and keeping your abs engaged and your chest lifted, tap your left fingers to the inside of your right foot. Stand again and repeat the move.

After you have done ten reps, repeat on the other side to finish one set. Do two more sets.

3. PiYo Pike

Move 1: Begin in a plant position and shift your left arm towards the middle of the mat you are exercising on. Open your right arm towards the ceiling and turn on to the sides of your feet and ensure you’re your top foot is in front.

Move 2: Next, reach your right arm down and move it across the torso as your hips drive up towards the ceiling thus creating an upside down “V.” Lower your hips and reach your right arm and chest towards the sky and repeat the process. After ten reps, move to other side and finish the set.

Perform three sets and ten reps for each set.

4. Criss-Cross Core

Move 1: Start the workout by lying on the mat with your back and your kneed pulled into the chest. With your hands set behind your head and your elbows wide, extend your left leg out and hold it above the floor as you twist your left elbow towards the right knee. Ensure that your lower back is pushed into the ground and your abdominals set in a scooped position.

Move 2: Switch your legs and twist the torso to the opposite direction.

Alternate and repeat the sets thrice each with ten reps.

5. Sumo Burpee

Move 1: Start while standing with your arms extended overhead and your feet wide apart than your hip-width and externally rotated.

Move 2: Bend your knees and lower your hands to the floor between the feet then jump into a plank. Make sure that your hands are under your shoulders directly and your head is in line with your spine and your feet are together.

Move 3: Step or jump your feet to the hands while they are wide apart than the hip-width and bring the torso up into a squat. Extend both knees while reaching your arms over the head.

Do it again and complete three sets and ten reps.

6. PiYo Hip Lifts

Move 1: Start lying on the mat with your face up and your knees bent towards the ceiling and arms extended towards the heels. Lift your right leg then cross it over and past your left leg with your ankle resting slightly above the knee. Then, lift the left toes and move your right heel to the ground. Bridge your hips up toward the ceiling as you engage your abs.

Move 2: Squeeze the glutes at the bridge’s top and lower your hips.

Repeat the process and complete three sets each with ten reps.

Looking for the ultimate flat tummy workout? This routine destroys fat with a combination of flat belly exercises!

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