7 Healthy Snacks You Might Like To Try

Trying to cut back on calories but finding yourself craving not-so-healthy foods? Try these 7 best healthy snacks that are packed with protein that’ll keep you on your diet and losing weight.

So cut back the calories, get slim and stay satisfied by choosing from these healthy and high protein snacks!

Satisfy with a high protein hit

Snacks high in protein can help you lose weight and stick to a diet. Protein
releases energy slowly and will leave you feeling fuller for longer. As a super slow energy releaser, protein will help you stay satisfied, can fight off food cravings and keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Protein is also essential for healthy muscles and hair.

So with all the positives that protein provides, which snacks will you pack to keep satisfied? See our handy list of high protein foods to keep off the calories and prevent you from reaching for unhealthy snacks, such as crisps or chocolate.

Go nuts

Nuts are a great way to get some protein on the go. Whether it’s a peanut butter snack pack containing around 190 calories and 8 grams of protein (per 1.15 ounces), or a handful of your favorite nuts, which can be combined with dried fruit for extra flavor and fiber, nuts definitely pack in protein. Almonds are an awesome way to get extra protein into your diet and with 4 grams of protein for 14 almonds, at only 100 calories per serving, why not go nuts?

Eat some meat

Meat contains high levels of protein, and by cutting up small cubes of chicken or steak you can create a handy protein snack. However, if you don’t want the fuss of cooking, jerky can provide an alternative option with 7 to 11 grams of protein per one ounce serving and only 70 to 90 calories.

Take some tuna or turkey

Pouches of tuna contain 16 grams of protein and are an excellent way to get omega 3 into your diet, which is essential for your body to function. Turkey rolls can provide around 18 grams of protein and can be filled them with flavor and turned into a wrap by adding tomato and mustard. Alternatively, make your own version by adding your favorite veg. Cover your turkey wraps in film or take them in a tub so that they are ready to eat on the go, and at 75 calories per wrap, you can’t complain.

Get some wholegrain

Whole grain bars are the latest trend and whether you take a bar with you or eat it for breakfast, they contain between 10 to 15 grams of protein. However, be careful to read the label first because some can come with a high sugar and fat content. Oatmeal can provide a healthier alternative and has around 4 grams of protein per packet. For those on the go, you can grab a pot of oatmeal from your local supermarket and take it for breakfast or lunch. Mix your oatmeal with milk, sprinkle on some almonds and you have a simple and tasty snack packed full of proteins.

Squeeze in some cheese

Cottage cheese is low in fat and high in protein, with 20 grams and 110 calories per 5 ounce serving. This tasty cheese is great paired with tuna and spring onions or put on a celery stick for a snack with extra crunch. Mini cheeses are also a handy way to get some protein; they can easily be added into your bag, are available in different varieties and contain around 6 to 8 grams of protein.

Do it with dairy

Greek yogurt, kefir (a drinkable creamy yogurt) and low-fat chocolate milk are all packed full of proteins and will provide calcium to keep your teeth and bones healthy. Yes you heard correctly, low fat chocolate milk, which will not only provide you with enough protein to help you lose weight, but will also satisfy your taste buds, should you get a craving for chocolate. Low fat chocolate milk provides 9 grams of satisfying protein, whilst Greek yogurt can give you 12 to 30 grams a container. Kefir, which provides a great lactose free alternative, has 11 grams of protein per cup with three times as many probiotics than yogurt, so is also good for your gut.

How about Hummus?

Chickpeas come with 7 grams of protein per a quarter cup serving and can be made into hummus by blending with oil and tahini. Other beans, lentils and peas will provide protein and can be mixed with vegetables and spices for a super tasty snack. However, if hummus isn’t for you why not cook some rice? As rice also contains protein, providing approximately 6 grams per 4.4 ounce cup.


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